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I've created a new page on earthquake information. It may not be enough but am doing my best on updates.
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What kind of country is Japan? This site aims to become a guide to Japan and Japanese culture by introducing various information about Japan, from basic information such as its location, climate, transportation, food, language and manners, to whats and whys about the local traditions and customs.

Caterpillar's Murmur

Sprinters' Stakes And Prix de l'Arc

(SAT) October 1st, 2016

3:34 p.m. I think the key to winning the Sprinters' Stakes is to guess right which horse takes the lead. If Big Arthur can take the lead, he might be able to win like his previous race. But taking the lead from wire to wire usually leaves big damage on the horse. That's not hard to see without even referring to the example of A Shin Hikari. In order to win a G1, the theory is to wrap up the prep race in a easy win. Personally, I think Centaur Stakes was an easy win for Big Arthur, but the damage can't be denied. In such cases, it must be better to keep the horse on the 2nd or 3rd place of a trifecta, rather than the 1st, although front runners usually tend to sink far below when they can't win. The rider Fukunaga, also backs up this idea. If you're buying a trio, no worries, just key the horse.

The other horses to put on the wheel should be horses that couldn't perform quite well in their come back races from recess, I reckon, and yet not so bad as to show signs of fatigue. That'd be, Blanc Bonheur, Solveig, Bel Canto, Red Falx and Mickey Isle, just in case. Might add Let's Go Donki and Snow Dragon for 3rd place, though that's about it.

As for Prix de l'Arc de Triomphe, it was good for Makahiki to draw an outer post for reasons I've already mentioned. His condition seems good as far as I can tell, so there's a big chance he'd come within 3rd place or even win. If some other horse should beat him, that would probably be young horses with the same or lighter weight, cutting in on the inside.

The End


Food Catalog

Cream Anmitsu
Cream Anmitsu

Fed up with the heat? Here's a nice cold Japanse-style sweets to cheer you up! Cream Anmitsu is a delux version of Anmitsu, Kanten(Japanese gelatine) jelly and fruits with ice cream topping and Kuromitsu caramel sauce poured over it. And what's great, it's low calorie!


Holidays of September

  • September 19th (MON)
  • Respect for the Aged Day
  • September 22nd (THU)
  • Autumnal Equinox Day


Watch out for "SAMURAI" Tamesue!

'People' would like to cheer and support someone who is working hard to achieve his or her goal. This time 'People' would focus on Japanese "Samurai" hurdler Dai Tamesue who recently went into a full-fledged training for the Peking Olympics.


airframe seen from side
Manned flight by oxyride dry-cell batteries project

The Tokyo Institute of Technology in cooperation with Panasonic, has led the project 'Manned Flight by Oxyride Dry-cell Battery' into the world's first success. On July 16th this year (2006), they made success in a trial of manned flight using commercially available oxyride batteries, in a project that they had been bringing forward together.